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On 5 October 2019, the new Bernina maintenance base of the Graubünden Civil Engineering Office on the Bernina Pass was presented to the public. In addition to its function as a base for winter maintenance of the Bernina Pass road, this building, designed by the Chur-based architectural firm Bearth und Deplazes, houses a special attraction: in collaboration with photographer Guido Baselgia, the architects have housed a camera obscura on the top floor of the striking salt and gravel silo, which allows visitors to perceive the Bernina region in a completely new way and to reflect on how they perceive it

What is a camera obscura?

The "black chamber" on the tower of the silo facility of the maintenance base is a windowless room; only through a hole in the wall does light fall on the concave inner wall, thus reflecting "the image" of the landscape - an unexpected way of viewing the landscape. The original form of the camera obscura works without a lens. Merely a hole in the casing of a dark room creates an image of the outside world on the inside wall. And it has the property that its angle of view covers towards 180° in all directions. A kind of "optical blank". The situation on the Bernina Pass is a phenomenal constellation of optical primal method, arctic landscape and the function of the base in the context of the seasons


Guided tours (Italian, German, English):

July - August, 1 - 18 October: daily 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00

June, September: Saturday, Sunday 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00

The Camera Obscura can only be visited in guided tours (approx. 30 min). The Camera Obscura only works in good lighting conditions. In bad weather, the Camera Obscura remains closed

Meeting point:

Kiosk of the Albergo Ospizio Bernina


The maximum number of visitors per guided tour is limited to 15. It is advisable to book a guided tour with Valposchiavo Turismo: +41 81 839 00 60 |


CHF 5.00 per person. Children up to 16 years: free. Cashless payments possible.

Dogs are not allowed in the Camera Obscura. The Camera obscura is not wheelchair accessible. The visit requires some stair climbing.


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