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Bernina Glaciers

Rhaetian Railway / UNESCO World Heritage

A masterpiece of railway craftsmanship

The Rhaetian Railway line across the Bernina mountain pass is so spectacularly engineered and harmoniously embedded in the mountainscape that it was awarded the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A railway trip to the attractions in the Bernina Glaciers adventure territory is a unique experience, no matter whether travelling in an open scenic carriage or a Bernina Express observation car. In both summer and winter, a ride on the Bernina line is a special experience in terms of railway and landscape.

Consider a trip to Alp Grüm and the only restaurant reached “exclusively by railway”. Treat yourself to genuine “Pizzoccheri neri” noodles on the sun-bathed open-air terrace, with panoramic vistas included in your tab.

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