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Bernina Glaciers

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The Bernina area between Pontresina and Cavaglia has always been known for its breathtaking beauty. At the heart of it are the eternal ice with the unique view of the Bernina mountain range from top of Diavolezza, the Mortheratsch Glacier which is easily reached via the Morteratsch glacier trail and the Cavaglia Glacier Garden in Cavaglia with its impressive glacial mills.

The Bernina area is in no way inferior to the major tourist cities such as Paris or London in terms of convenient access to the sights. As with hop on hop off buses, the highlights are connected by the spectacular Bernina line of the Rhaetian Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are conveniently accessible.

Attractions direction North - South / Attractions direction South -North


  • Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines, online or in larger train stations. Choose a return ticket to the most distant attraction.
  • The train ticket is valid all day for the chosen route.
  • The train ticket entitles you to unlimited hop ons and hop offs at the stations.
  • You can take breaks of any length at the stops.
  • There is one train per hour in every direction: Timetable

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