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Cavaglia Glacier Garden: a journey through time to the Giants’ Pots

The glacial mills of Cavaglia were hewn into the rock by the Palü Glacier. Over the course of thousands of years, gravel and debris, transported by the pressurized glacial water have ground giant holes into the bedrock. Access to the glacial mills is easy: from the Rhaetian Railway station in Cavaglia, it is no further than 10 minutes’ walk. Entry is free. Children will be entertained by "Grummo", the friendly giant of Cavaglia. Will you be able to find out the secret of his colossal size?

Opening hours and guided tours
The Glacier Garden is open from May to October, during which period guided tours are available from the Cavaglia station starting at 2.00pm (tuesdays, thursdays, saturdays and sundays). The guided tours are free with the Valposchiavo or Pontresina guest card. .

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