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Bernina Glaciers

Bernina Glaciers Active Week 11.10.-15.10.21

Hiking Music Weeks in the Swiss Mountains

Where the eternal ice meets the golden larches, Nordic folk music rings in our ears and we enjoy a nature experience with every step, we actively let our souls dangle. On guided hikes in the Upper Engadine and Val Poschiavo we experience an oasis of nature. Over the glaciers of the Bernina area, through the wild and romantic Val Roseg or through the Italian Puschlav.

Which hikes you want to enjoy is up to you. Trails of different lengths lead to the same destination. Choose which day's theme inspires you, or take part in the whole week right away.

Monday ; Crystal clear lakes

Variation 1: By bus to La Rösa below the Bernina Pass. From there down a few metres in altitude and through the beautiful Val da Campo to the Rifugio Saoseo. After a concert by the SwissIce Fiddler on the terrace of the SAC hut, we hike to the crystal-clear Lagh da Saoseo and then return by minibus from Alp Camp.

Variation 2: By bus over the Bernina Pass to Sfazu. From there by minibus to the Rifugio Saoseo. There we enjoy the concert by the SwissIce Fiddlers and then hike to the crystal-clear Lagh da Saoseo and then take the minibus back to Sfazu.

Tuesday ; Glaciers of the past

Variation 1: Hike from Ospizio Bernina to Alp Grüm. There is a concert on the terrace with a view of the Val Poschiavo and then we hike on to Cavaglia. In the Glacier Garden we visit the glacier mills and listen to the second concert of the SwissIce Fiddler.

Variation 2: By train to Alp Grüm there we listen to the concert and later get back on the train and go to Cavaglia. After meeting up with the other group, we visit the glacier mills and listen to the second concert of the SwissIce Fiddler.

Wednesday; In the alpine high valley

Variation 1: From Surlej, take the cable car to the Murtèl middle station. From there we hike via Fuorcla Surley into Val Roseg, which is covered with golden larches, to the Roseg Restaurant. There we enjoy the concert in front of the restaurant. Afterwards we continue on foot to Pontresina or, if necessary, take the coach that brings us comfortably back to the village.

Variation 2: We hike from Pontresina through the wild and romantic Roseg Valley. At the Roseg Restaurant we enjoy a delicious dessert among the fairytale larches and listen to the concert. The leisurely hiking trail leads us back to Pontresina or, if required, we can enjoy the ride in the carriage.

Thursday; At the edge of the glacier

From the Morteratsch station we hike along the glacier trail into the Val Morteratsch. After turning right onto the glacier moraine, we soon see the Boval hut. This is our destination. Once there, we marvel at the magnificent view of Morteratsch and the adjacent Pers glacier. For those interested, glaciologist Dr. Felix Keller will tell us some exciting information about the glacier world, its past and future. After the concert, refreshments and with a view of the Morteratsch glacier, we will make the leisurely descent until we arrive back in Morteratsch.

Friday; Glaciers of the future

Variation 1:From the Diavolezza car park, we hike to the mountain station at almost 3000 m.a.s.l. After a little refreshment in the mountain restaurant, we hike on to the Pers Glacier and listen to the fascinating Nordic folk music directly on the glacier and let our hearts melt away. Afterwards we hike back up to the mountain station and are comfortably transported down by train

Variation 2: We take the train up to Diavolezza. From there the cable car takes us to the top station of the Diavolezza. After a short hike up to the Pers glacier, we listen to Nordic folk music on the glacier and then hike back up to the mountain station and let the gondola lift take us back down.

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