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Bernina Glaciers

Suggested hikes

Tip 1

Bernina Hospice – Alp Grüm – Cavaglia

From Ospizio Bernina (2,253 m), a flat trail leads along Lago Bianco to the southern dam and then down to Alp Grüm (2,091 m), where you get to enjoy fantastic views of Val Poschiavo and the Palü Glacier. From Alp Grüm to Cavaglia (1,693 m), there is a choice of two trails via either Lagh da Palü or Stablini – La Dotta. And if you still feel like it on arrival, why not continue on hiking from Cavaglia down to Poschiavo (1,021 m)? Hint: Discover the "Giants’pots" at Cavaglia Glacier Garden,


  • approx. 3 hours of hiking
  • easy

Alternative: Excursion to Sassal Masone mountain hotel (2,355 m) with its typical "Crot" stone houses. The descent to Alp Grüm (2,091 m) is suitable for sure-footed hikers only.

Tip 3

Cavaglia – Le Prese

Getting there an back: with the Rhaetian Railway to Cavaglia. Worthwhile detour to the glacial mills of Cavaglia, made accessible with great effort. Just like the Rhaetian Railway, the hiking trail winds down the slope to the Poschiavo valley floor.


  • approx. 3 hours of hiking
  • intermediate

Tip 5

Diavolezza Mountain Station – Munt Pers – Diavolezza

A well-built, but narrow mountain trail leads from the mountain station of Diavolezza (2978 m) to Munt Pers (3207 m). The terrain is sometimes steep and requires a certain level of sure-footedness. However, the trail can be mastered by older children. The beautiful views of the Pers and Morteratsch Glaciers, Piz Palü, Bellavista and Piz Bernina – with a height of 4049 m, the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps – mazes all who cast their gaze upon it. Return along the same route. If you want to get the icing on the cake, begin the hike before sunrise (with a headlamp, of course). The spectacle of the sun rising on the Bernina Massif is unforgettable. Accommodation is available directly at Diavolezza.


  • approx. 2 ½ hours of hiking
  • easy



Tip 2

Glacier Trek Diavolezza

Trek with certified mountain guides from Diavolezza through the wonderful world of rock and ice, past gigantic seracs and glacial mills down to Morteratsch. Register the evening before until 4 pm at the Mountaineering School in Pontresina (Tel. +41 81 842 82 82,


  • approx. 5 hours of hiking
  • difficult, sure-footed hikers only
  • Minimum number of participants: 6 adults
  • Price per person: CHF 65.00, children CHF 40.00 (8 – 16 years old), family packages on request available
  • No dogs, please

Tip 4

Val da Camp Natural Preservation Area

Getting there and back: with the Rhaetian Railway to the Bernina Hospice or Poschiavo. Change to the yellow postbus to Sfazú or La Rösa / return with the postbus from Sfazú. The numerous, pristine mountain lakes complete the beauty of this harmonic scene. Restaurants and accommodation in Lungacqua and Alp Camp (2064 m).


  • approx. 5 hours of hiking
  • intermediate

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