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Bernina Glaciers

Children's quiz

Sabi’s big dream

Sabi, the mountain spirit, tells the story of his big dream on the Morteratsch Glacier trail. This book sends children aged five to twelve on an exciting paper-chase. Once they have found the solution, a surprise gift will be awaiting them at the Pontresina tourist office in Pontresina's Convention Centre.The children's books are available from the Sabi letter-box at the entrance to the glacier trail or at the Pontresina and Val Poschiavo tourist offices.

Grummo, the giant

Grummo, the giant, accompanies all children through the Cavaglia glacier garden. In the book, Grummo tells the story of how he turned into a giant. The story is related to a paper-chase. Once the children have found the solution, a surprise gift will be awaiting them at the Pontresina or Poschiavo tourist office.In summer, there is an additional opportunity every Saturday for children to meet Grummo to cook with him using magic herbs from the glacier garden. In cauldrons, Grummo prepares a crunchy stone soup, a tender pine-cone casserole and a singing larch stew, giving all these dishes a final touch of his magic herbs.

Fix shows you his world

Under the heading of Bernina Glaciers, another children’s book has been published. Ten stamping points are scattered along the beautiful hiking trail to Val Roseg, offering instructive entertainment for children. Fix, the cunning fox, points out the beauty of his valley and everything to be heard, seen or sniffed at. Fix teaches children about the forest, animals, hunting, and a lot more. Fix has laid a track for them. Following it right to its end, the children will be rewarded with a surprise. Furthermore, there are panels displaying information on forestry, hunting, lichen and birds. Shortly, so-called ‘interactive stops’ are going to be set up at five points of information. The discovery trail was initiated by Club da Fix in close co-operation with cantonal agencies.

Pluschin’s whirlwind journey

Repower and Bernina Glaciers combined forces to produce a children’s book with Pluschin, the drop of water, taking children onto an adventurous journey on the eco-power trail and giving them an opportunity to unravel the secrets of turning water into power. At the end of the trail, children will be rewarded with a little surprise. The childrens book entitled ‘Pluschin’s whirlwind journey’ is available for free at tourist information in Pontresina and Val Poschiavo as well as most hotels.

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