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Bernina Glaciers

Glacier Garden Hike

Glacier Garden Hike - incl. visit to the glacier mills in Cavaglia.

At Ospizio Bernina we start our hike to the southernmost part of Graubünden. First briefly along Lago Bianco and then very slightly upwards in about an hour to the mighty viewpoint of Sassal Mason. The round "Crott" stone houses lie between glacier and mountain lakes and the view into the Puschlav, the Palü glacier and down into the Cavaglia glacier garden is unique. From Sassal Mason, the route continues to Alp Grüm. The RhB stop is at 2091m and from here you have a wonderful view of the Palü glacier, the small Palü lake and into the southern Graubünden valley of Puschlav. The hike continues to Lake Palü. Along the lake we then descend a steep section to Cavaglia. Here we definitely do not miss a visit to the glacier mills and the glacier garden. We officially end our hike after visiting the glacier mills in Cavaglia. The RhB takes you comfortably back to the Bernina Pass. If you still want to hike to Poschiavo, follow the hiking trail for a little more than an hour to Poschiavo. Poschiavo, with its narrow streets and beautiful village squares, conveys Mediterranean feelings amidst the Alpine backdrop.

Opening hours:

June - October.

Guided tours:

Tuesday, always at 9:30 am, guided tours from Bernina Pass/Ospizio Bernina (railway station).

Further info:

Dates/times may vary due to measures taken to protect against the new corona virus. Please contact the provider's website:

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