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Bernina Glaciers

VR Glacier Experience

Visitor Centre at the Diavolezzea valley station

What did the Morteratsch glacier look like in 1875? What will happen to the largest glacier area in Graubünden by the year 2100? These are the questions addressed by the latest highlight in the Bernina Glaciers experience area.

In cooperation with the Graubünden Kantonalbank (150-year anniversary), Diavolezza Lagalb AG has created the "VR Glacier Experience", which is unique in the world. The new, interactive exhibition enables visitors to embark on virtual glacier time travel and imparts knowledge about climate change in the high mountains. It provides intriguing answers on the topics of glaciers and water and uses various climate scenarios to illustrate the retreat of the glacier tongues in the Bernina region.

The scientifically based permanent exhibition was made possible thanks to close cooperation with the Zurich University of the Arts and the University of Fribourg. Together, researchers and designers developed detailed glacier models and thus created a virtual world around the Morteratsch Glacier in Pontresina.

The barrier-free visitor centre at the Diavolezza valley station is open to the public daily (8.30 to 16.00 hrs) and free of charge. Further information:

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