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Bernina Glaciers

Val Roseg

Enjoy the unforgettable view of the Sella Group, part of the Bernina Massif, directly from your hotel room. The calm and seclusion allows the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day fade away in mere hours. Let the chef spoil you with a selection of regional specialities, and top it off by treating yourself to something wonderful from the famous dessert buffet. In the evening, enjoy a glass of good wine from the cellar by the crackling fireplace, while the day draws to a close. The Hotel Roseg Gletscher is located 7km outside of Pontresina in Val Roseg, and can be reached on foot, by bicycle or by horse-drawn carriage. A shuttle service is available for hotel guests.

Val Roseg discovery trail

Under the heading of Bernina Glaciers, another children’s book has been published, this one leading into Val Roseg. Children will enjoy instructive entertainment along the marvellous hiking trail lined with ten stamping points as Fix, the cunning fox, points out the beauty of his valley and everything to be heard, seen or sniffed at. Fix will teach you about the forest, the animals, hunting and a lot more. Pick up Fix’s scent. Children following his trail right to its end will be rewarded with a surprise. Check the panels for information on forestry, hunting, lichen and birds. Shortly, so-called "interactive stops" are going to be set up at five points of information. The discovery trail was initiated by Club da Fix in close co-operation with cantonal agencies. The children’s book is available for free at tourist information in Pontresina and Val Poschiavo, at the first stamping points as well as at most hotels. Download the children's book "Fix shows you his world"

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