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Diavolezza: a stone’s throw from the glacier

Nothing is quite as invigorating as a sunny jacuzzi on the sun-terrace of the Diavolezza Mountain Lodge. And this with a breathtaking mountain backdrop which has now been brought even nearer thanks to the new panoramic platform: No fewer than 8 peaks near the 4000-meter-mark tower over the scenery of the Bernina Massif. The Diavolezza provides eye-candy for nature lovers, and a jungle gym for climbers and alpinists. Whether on a glacier trek down to Morteratsch, or in the airy exposure of the via ferrata (fixed rope climbing route) on Piz Trovat, or while relaxing in Europe's highest jacuzzi, it is devilishly nice up here. Tip: regain your strength with local specialities from the Diavolezza Mountain Lodge.             

Guests may obtain a postcard-style snapshot of the summits from the photo point at the lower Diavolezza terminal. A special feature, and indeed an eye-catcher, is the embedded ibex, an animal typical of the region. The Diavolezza hashtag station enables you to print out and send your picture as a postcard at Berghaus Diavolezza. This is how the hashtag station works 

Audio app

Embark on a journey into the eventful history of the Diavolezza with Flurin, our fictional mountaineer, as part of the audio app produced by Bernina Glaciers. Join Flurin as he takes listeners interested in history on a journey into the Diavolezza’s past. With his guests in tow he journeys back to the 19th century, to a time when the first attempts were made to climb Piz Palü and Piz Bernina. He also has stories to tell of exciting glacier races, of the founding years of the first cable car in 1956, and the building of the Firn chair lift.

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