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Bernina Glaciers

Benefits for members

Toward the public, our products and services receive enhanced and strengthened recognition through the common trademark, Bernina Glaciers. Additionally, there are these further advantages which can be exploited as well:

  • Expansion and diversification of products
  • Positioning of High-Alpine, Glacier, Eternal Snow
  • Utilizing synergies and collaboration between partners
  • Communication through the platform, Bernina Glaciers
  • Higher value added per customer (frequency, pricing)

Association members and tourism service providers develop their future products and services through a coordinated effort along the mutually established orchestration and quality-control guidelines. Have we managed to stir your interest? Would you like to become a member of the ‘Bernina Glaciers adventure territory’ association? If so, contact to obtain further information. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a new member.

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