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Bernina Glaciers



In the Bernina Glacier Adventure Arena, the fascinating Bernina glacial world, from the Engadin to the Poschiavo Valley, will be made accessible. Since living memory, this area has stood out for its breathtaking beauty. Based on the interlinked elements of glacier, energy and time, new, fantastic, natural experiences and unique attractions are open to our guests. Thanks to the public transport network, every attraction is easy to reach for all. In order to facilitate our efforts toward the expansion of our products, as well as to better coordinate communication, the Bernina Glacier Association was founded in 2013.

Vision & Mission

With the establishment of the association known as «Bernina Glaciers Adventure Arena»  we have created, based on the interlinked yet unique elements of «Glacier, Energy and Time», the organizational foundation for the mutual further innovative development, and tourist-orientated orchestration, of our natural wonders, products, offers and infrastructure throughout the Bernina Adventure Arena – from Morteratsch to Cavaglia. This entails bolstering our market potential by making our existing offers more accessible and more internationally-oriented. We aim to achieve this through stronger, more market-orientated, collective packaging transmitted to targeted customer groups.

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