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Bernina Glaciers

Between the Engadin and Valposchiavo

Experience the fascination of glaciers in the Bernina Glaciers adventure territory located between the Engadin and Valposchiavo. Glaciers, energy and time combine to give visitors a fantastic experience of nature and some unique attractions.

Everything revolves around eternal ice, which is on full display when looking out on the Bernina range from the vantage point at the Diavolezza mountaintop station; it is accessible most easily walking the Morteratsch-glacier theme trail; and it appears at Cavaglia in the form of remarkable glacial mills created by nature in the course of millennia.

The Bernina area is in no way inferior to the major tourist cities such as Paris or London in terms of convenient access to the sights. As with hop on hop off buses, the numerous highlights are are connected by the Rhaetian Railway’s spectacular Bernina line, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making them easily accessible. Along the train trip, passengers get plenty of opportunities to discover unique natural backdrops, a meteorological, cultural and linguistic boundary, unusual choices of accommodation, a great variety of hiking and biking trails as well as delicious food.